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At Abingdon Construction, we have three generations and nearly a century of experience installing and repairing decorative, metal ceiling tiles. With a passion for the beauty and practicality of a copper or tin ceiling, we are more than happy to take on your business or home project in Englewood, NJ (New Jersey).

Metal ceilings were often a solution to cracked ceiling plaster early in the last century. Tin ceiling tile was also a great way to provide fire protection in commercial kitchens and warehouses. When Abingdon was just getting started, the decorative, metal ceiling was an attractive, safe, durable and affordable way to finish ceilings in a variety of settings.

Today, tin ceilings are enjoying a resurgence after decreased popularity in the middle of the last century. Over the past decades, home and business owners alike have recognized the artistic and practical value of the metal ceiling, and are coming to companies like Abingdon Construction for copper and tin ceiling installation.

If you own an older building that still retains antique or even Victorian era metal ceilings, and you want to ensure that they last well into this century, our experts can provide repair and upkeep services. Count on us to do the job in a timely manner, and to stay on budget. We take joy in seeing these older ceilings grace your interiors for another generation.

Call Abingdon Construction today to set up an appointment for us to repair or install your tin or copper ceiling tiles in Englewood, NJ (New Jersey). It will be our pleasure to serve you.

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