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Tin Ceiling

Tin Ceilings with Abingdon Construction

Abingdon Construction is your number one contracting service in New York. Tin ceilings are amazing construction work done by some of the finest artisans NYC and around the world. Today these amazing masterpieces are not being adequately maintained because not enough contractors have the experience to repair, rebuild, and construct such specialized installations. Abingdon Construction is a construction company that works out of Brooklyn conveniently close to all the five boroughs and with all the tools necessary to repair or create your very own tin ceiling.

New York High rises and historic buildings

Some of the most beautiful buildings in NYC are well known for having tin ceilings. You will find a tin ceiling in major landmarks such as Grand Central and even in entry ways at large historic apartment complexes. Tin ceilings were known to be designed by artists and crafted by artisans in an effort to make your ceiling more beautiful than before. Today a tin ceiling provides any modern space with a feeling of classic sophistication, timeless appeal, and a historic touch.

Get affordable repairs and services for your tin ceiling

It is hard to find licensed contractors with the experience to repair or reconstruct you tin ceiling. In fact when you do find one, it will be very expensive. This is why we charge an honest rate that is affordable to everyone. We provide excellent workmanship and repair, recreate, and restore your ceilings to new.

If you have a tin ceiling or looking to have one as a part of your property, call Abingdon Construction today to setup an appointment at (718) 819-9972.

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