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At Abingdon Construction Inc., we are experts in ceiling installations and have been shaping the tin ceiling industry for over a century now. Established in 1915 as a family business in Brooklyn, New York, Abingdon Construction has performed thousands of tin ceiling tile installations for residential and commercial establishments across Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, and New York City.

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Our expertise spreads across different types of ceiling tiles and cornices, something which we have built with decades of experience in the industry. Our rich history and high-degree professionalism make us one of the most reputed ceiling installers in New York.

Create a space that speaks your soul

At Abingdon Construction Inc., our craftsmen offer remarkable commercial and residential ceiling installations in Brooklyn. We are known for our expert measuring and professional installation services tailored to meet your needs.

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Tin Ceiling tiles installation

We are a preferred tin ceiling tiles installer for homes and commercial establishments. We offer unique ceiling designs and patterns that can completely transform the appeal of almost any space. Providing commercial ceiling tile installation in Brooklyn and beyond, our installations are suitable for banks, coffee shops, hair salons, education facilities and many other spaces of economic importance. From traditional to contemporary, we offer a range of ceiling tiles installation options that are packaged to meet unique ceiling needs of our residential and commercial clients.

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Tin backsplashes

If you have a kitchen remodeling project in mind, perhaps our tin backsplashes would be ideal for you. Abingdon Construction specializes in a variety of tin backsplashes for creating a unique statement. Our extraordinarily-appealing patterns and designs will infuse a high-degree of creativity into your kitchen decor, thus turning it into a stylish and trendy space for cooking. So, don’t let grime or soot make your kitchen walls messy. We can help you remodel your kitchen and take its aesthetics a notch higher.

Cornices and moldings

We offer customized cornices and moldings for the ultimate finish of your tin ceiling tiles. Our professionals at Abingdon Construction add a decorative finish to your ceiling with perfectly-fitting moldings, thus ornamenting ceiling tiles and giving your space a new look. Whether you wish to install them as a decorative finish, border finish or distinct separation between patterns, our professionals are there to help you always.

Whether it’s your kitchen, basement or living room at home or your outdated office space, we can change the way it looks within your budget.

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100 years and counting, we have always been unique installers catering to unique needs

At Abingdon Construction, we seek to satisfy our clients by giving them exactly what they need. Choose us because we are:


We have been in the tin ceiling industry for a century now, which makes us one of the most experienced ceiling installers in the region.


We ensure superior craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and meticulous attention to detail so that there’s no compromise in the aesthetics of your space.


We possess the technical know-how of different types of ceilings and customize our offerings to meet unique commercial and residential ceiling installation needs of our clients.


As a professional company, we make sure your project flows smoothly and you get the final output within the stipulated time, thus making us a reliable company for installing residential and commercial ceiling tiles in Brooklyn.

Contact us today to get a clear tin ceiling tiles installation quote. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your remodeling project.

Abingdon Construction Inc. is the leading tin ceiling installer, backsplash installer and residential and commercial ceiling installer in Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Westchester and New Haven, Connecticut. Adingdon is an expert tin ceiling installation company with over 100 years of skilled craftsmanship, exceptional design, and the best customer service in the industry. We install all types of residential and commercial decorative tin ceilings, cornices and backsplashes using a keen eye and attention to detail.

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Quality Craftsmanship

Unique Ceiling Designs

Whether you’re looking for unique tin ceiling patterns or designs, decorative cornices, or stylish backsplashes, Abingdon is the most experienced tin ceiling installation company for your next project.  Abingdon Construction has an extensive portfolio of tin ceiling installations across Long Island, Westchester County, Manhattan, NY and New Haven Connecticut. Three generations of tin ceiling installers have been doing meticulous work for homeowners and commercial businesses.
Ornamental Tin Ceiling Backsplash

Unique Ceiling Designs

Decorative Tin Backsplashes

Are you searching for a tin backsplash installer for your next kitchen project? Abingdon Construction installs ornamental tin backsplash to make a beautiful design statement in your kitchen. Tin backsplash in the kitchen is a creative way to showcase your walls. Using tin backsplash for a new kitchen project or a kitchen remodel in 2018 is trendy and stylish.
Decorative Tin Ceiling Cornices

Attention To Detail

Custom Cornices & Moldings

Custom moldings, whether they are crown moldings or flat moldings can put the finishing touches on your tin ceiling design. Add a decorative finish to your tin ceiling project with a custom cornice and rely on the professionals at Abingdon Construction to install your moldings perfectly. Custom moldings and cornices showcase ornamental ceiling tiles beautifully. Abingdon Construction installs tin ceiling moldings or cornices as a border, decorative finish or distinct separation between the metal tin patterns for a unique look.

Brooklyn’s Tin Ceiling Installers

Pressed tin ceilings were once installed as an affordable alternative to popular (and pricey) plasterwork ceilings. Lightweight tin ceiling tiles were not only decorative, but also durable and fireproof, which made them a popular addition to American homes and businesses from the 19th century on. Today, it’s rare to find original tin ceilings still in place, and even harder to find companies that have the expertise to craft and install them.

Abingdon Construction is the exception, with fourth generation expertise in generating and installing tin ceilings. With over a hundred years of family history and thousands of installations to draw on, there’s no better source for ceiling tiles (metal, copper, or tin) than Abingdon Construction. We proudly offer unique and decorative tin ceiling tiles for both residential and commercial customers, and we deliver exceptional service every step of the way.

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Strong and Durable Tin Ceiling Tiles

Plaster ceilings are certainly beautiful, but they’re not inexpensive to install, and they crack and crumble easily, leading to eyesores and the need for constant repairs. Beautiful and resilient tin ceiling tiles are a great alternative that will remain attractive for decades with minimal care.

A recent revival of local, artisanal crafts for the home has led to a resurgence in demand for metal ceilings, especially traditional pressed tin ceiling tiles, but many modern interior decorators and contractors don’t have the knowledge, skill, or experience to advise you on the best options for your structure or install ceiling tiles to your satisfaction.

At Abingdon Construction, we not only offer a wide variety of decorative styles and attractive finishes, but we’re happy to recommend symmetrical and lighting layout designs, as well as several options for installation, from simple nail up, to steel or wood suspension, to lay-in or snap-in pan, to custom methods, and more.

We’re also pleased to provide repair, restoration, and reconstruction services to refresh old ceiling tiles to your satisfaction. If you prefer to keep original tiles in place, we’re happy to repair and even match tiles to restore a damaged ceiling. With proper installation and maintenance, your gorgeous and distinctive tin ceiling will remain the highlight of your home for decades to come.

Breathtaking Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are not a one-note design element. There are practically endless options for materials, finishes, and styles to ensure you achieve a unique and attractive aesthetic for your home or business interior.

You’ll start by choosing from metal, copper, or tin ceiling tiles in gothic, colonial, Victorian, and art deco styles. From there you can select from a wide variety of finishes to capture the color and sheen you prefer, with options for brass, chrome, or copper plating, along with stainless steel, painted white, or custom color finishes. Embossed tin panels are also an option.

Attractive and decorative tin ceilings hearken back to an earlier time, when eye-catching embellishments transformed practical additions into delightful elements of décor. With tin ceiling tiles from Abingdon Construction, you can capture the ornamental appeal of a bygone era and personalize your home or business in the process.

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Contact the talented and experienced team at Abingdon Construction today at 718-819-9972 or online to request a quote and learn more.

Ceiling Installations

  • steel suspension
  • wood suspension
  • snap-in pan
  • lay-in
  • lay-in tegular
  • nail-up
  • custom
  • repair
  • restoration
  • reconstruction

Tin Ceiling Finishes

  • brass plated
  • solid copper
  • copper plated
  • chrome plated
  • stainless steel
  • pre-painted white
  • custom colors
  • embossed tin panels

Tin Ceiling Styles

  • gothic
  • art deco
  • victorian
  • colonial


  • symetrical and lighting layouts

Expert Tin Ceiling Installations

Abingdon Construction is your place for expert tin ceiling installation. We perform a variety of services for your tin ceiling installation. Abingdon Construction has been the leading experts of tin ceiling tile installation for centuries. Tin ceilings are the most steady and strongest ceiling you can have for your home or business. Our expert tin ceiling installation crew can install your copper ceiling, metal ceiling, or tin ceiling to the highest industry standards.

Whether your project is commercial or residential, Abingdon Construction has the experience and equipment to provide you with the best service. Abingdon Construction also repairs your existing ceiling and matches it exactly.

Contact us to set up an appointment and find out what we can do for you.

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