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Celotex Ceilings – Commercial Acoustic Ceiling Installer

Celotex ceilings are an area of expertise for Abingdon Construction Inc. Abingdon Construction is a ceiling installation company or contractor specializing in Celotex ceilings, sheetrock ceilings and T-bar ceilings. Install a Celotex ceiling for a great look inside your home or at your commercial business. Celotex ceilings or residential and commercial acoustical ceilings are perfect for sound absorption, noise reduction and fire protection. You can enhance the look of your Celotex ceilings with decorative crown moldings or custom cornices.

Put the finishing touches on your home or business project with Celotex ceilings. Contact Abingdon for more information or read more below.

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Attractive and Functional Celotex Ceilings Tile Installation in Nassau County, Long Island, Brooklyn, Westchester, New Haven, New Jersey & Staten Island

Abingdon Construction has over 100 years of experience installing residential and commercial ceiling tiles in homes and businesses in Brooklyn and beyond. Ceilings are not just installed to complete a room or building. They can have both superior function and appearance. When you work with us, you can expect the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer service, with professional and expedient installation to complete each project to your satisfaction. One of our popular services is Celotex acoustic ceiling tile installation, a great solution for both commercial and residential customers.

High Quality Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile Installation in Brooklyn, New Jersey & Beyond

Celotex ceiling tiles have a range of uses in homes and commercial properties, creating quality suspended or drop ceilings under the structural roof of your building. Arranged in sleek modular or grid patterns and constructed from the same mineral fiber material found in thermal insulation, Celotex ceiling tiles provide several benefits that could make them the perfect choice for your next project, including:

  • Sound absorption: Customers looking for acoustic ceiling tile installation will appreciate the ability of Celotex tiles to absorb noise from machinery and people in the surrounding area, creating a quieter, more acoustically controlled environment. This can be helpful in high density areas like New York City & Brooklyn.
  • Thermal insulation: The mineral fiber material in Celotex ceiling tiles helps prevent heat loss in a room or throughout a building, allowing you to cut down on your energy use and lower your bills. Lowering energy bills is great for home owners and commercial businesses.
  • Fire protection: A Celotex ceiling tiles installation can also help contain flames in the event of a fire, minimizing damage to your building and providing an additional safety measure for you, your family, or your employees.
  • Aesthetic appearance: When you choose Celotex tiles for your commercial or residential ceiling installation in New Jersey or Brooklyn, you can expect a timely neat and clean project. Customize your ceiling appearance with a selection of smooth, fissured, and textured patterns, as well as the addition of quality crafted crown molding or custom cornices. Ceiling moldings and cornices can be as simple or decorative as you want to match your home or business décor.
  • Adaptability: Celotex tiles are easy to shape and cut, so no matter the size or shape of your space, we can adjust the modular design to create the perfect fit for your ceiling installation in Brooklyn, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. This also makes it easy for us to replace individual tiles if the need arises.
  • Moisture resistance: With their low-density design, Celotex ceiling tiles are moisture resistant, helping your ceiling last longer by avoiding mold or water damage.
  • Low maintenance: Celotex ceiling tiles are easy to clean, and in the unlikely event of damage to a tile or section of tiles, switching in replacements is a much easier fix than trying to repair or replace an entire ceiling.
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A Great Choice for Residential and Commercial Ceiling Installation in New Jersey

Celotex ceiling tile installation offers the versatility to work in almost any type of space. We recommend Celotex for both commercial and residential ceiling tiles in Brooklyn, the five boroughs, New Jersey, and surrounding area so property owners can improve their living and working environments. If you’re wondering whether Celotex is the right option for you, here are some ideas of when it can be a great choice:

  • If you have a flat roof or a pitched roof. The adaptability of Celotex tiles means we can adjust to the structure of your building and complete your ceiling installation in Brooklyn whether you want a suspended ceiling for your flat roof or a ceiling between rafters for your pitched roof.
  • If you want to cover industrial or structural installations. Large or small commercial buildings are often designed with ducts, pipes, beams, and other installations built into the ceiling. If you want a cleaner, less cluttered look for your commercial ceiling installation in New Jersey or Brooklyn, a Celotex suspended ceiling would give you just that.
  • If you want to increase energy efficiency. Your home or business may be losing heat due to insufficient insulation, and especially with larger buildings, energy can be lost easily. We can help you conserve energy and save money with the thermal insulation properties of a Celotex mineral fiber ceiling tile installation in Brooklyn. Long Island, Manhattan, New York and beyond.
  • If you want to decrease noise. Taking advantage of the sound absorption abilities of Celotex ceiling tiles can help eliminate distracting noise and create a more productive workspace, which is especially important for schools and open floor-plan office spaces.
  • If you want to finish your basement. Celotex ceiling tiles can also work well for a residential ceiling installation in New Jersey or Brooklyn. Home basement ceilings commonly feature beams. Install a suspended Celotex to create a warm and welcoming environment by covering exposed wood, electrical wires and plumbing pipes.


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For one of these reasons or any other, we hope you’ll choose Abingdon Construction for your Celotex ceiling tiles installation. If you’re in Brooklyn, New Jersey, or somewhere nearby, call us about your next project. Our experienced professionals will work with you to plan and install a ceiling of superior quality and integrity that will make your building a better place to live and work.