Custom Commercial Ceilings with Style, Sound Proofing & Performance

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Custom commercial ceilings are not only stylish but have lots of benefits. Abingdon Construction has been installing commercial ceilings and tin ceilings since 1915. The materials used in ceiling construction have evolved over the past century.

Sound Ceiling Installations

Custom commercial ceilings add beauty to restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, theatres, bars, banks, art galleries, churches, and more. Ceiling materials are anesthetically pleasing making any space more eye-catching. Sound proofing and efficiency in ceiling design is paramount in business locations around Brooklyn, New York. Business owners, NYC homeowners, and patrons can all appreciate sound reduction in crowded areas like apartment buildings and busy retail stores.

Armstrong commercial ceilings

Commercial Ceiling Installation by Abingdon Construction Inc.

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Ceilings Used in Commercial Buildings

Abingdon Construction Inc. focuses on installing soundproof ceilings for commercial businesses and residential dwellings. New York City businesses and apartment owners benefit from not only noise reduction but gain in insulation. Ceiling installations are energy-efficient and sound absorbing to increase overall comfort.

Custom Commercial Ceilings Installation

Commercial ceiling installations are performed with materials such as tin, ceiling panels, grid systems, Celotex, and suspension ceilings. Acoustic ceilings are ideal for high traffic offices and buildings. Ceiling styles vary according to plumbing, electrical, design, and architectural needs.

Abingdon Construction Inc. recommends ceiling designs to accentuate lighting, promote productivity, and a high level of performance and sustainability. When commercial environments call for privacy and relaxation, Abingdon Construction Inc. installs acoustic ceilings panels.

Acoustic Ceilings with Fireproof Properties

Acoustic ceilings are made from mineral fibers, sheetrock, wood, metal, and composite materials. There are many ceiling designs to improve the look of a room or office. Drop ceilings are suspended from a structural ceiling so panels can be removed easily to make building repairs. In addition, Abingdon Construction Inc. installs fireproof ceiling tiles for safety in commercial spaces.

Sea-Girt Animal Hospital Sign

Ceilings – Sea Girt Animal Hospital in New Jersey

soundproof ceilings

Examination Room Ceiling

Sea-Girt Animal Hospital Office

Receptionist Area Ceiling

drop hallway ceiling

Dropped Ceiling in Hallway

Trendy commercial ceiling design ideas are truly endless. Tin ceilings are available in many sizes and finishes. Geometric patterns Rustic copper, artisan silver, stainless steel, chrome, and painted white ceiling finishes are some of the most popular choices. Choose from dozens of tin ceiling colors and hundreds of design patterns. Consider tin ceiling designs for bars and restaurants. The tin ceiling photo below was installed by Abingdon on Spring and Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village, New York City.

restaurant tin tile ceilings

Bar Tin Tile Ceilings

Abingdon Construction installs and performs extensive ceiling restoration work in commercial buildings in Brooklyn, NY and beyond. Repair and restore ceilings and decorative moldings with a professional ceiling installation at Abingdon. Call 718-819-9972 for more information.