How long does it take to get my ceiling installed?

Once we are given the order it takes less than 2 weeks for us to get started.

What should my tin ceiling be painted with?

A tin ceiling can be painted with any non-water based paint, any color including clear coat. If you selected a brass, copper, or chrome plated ceiling no coating is required.

Do you travel to our area to do an installation?

We travel within a 150-mile radius of our shop in Brooklyn , N.Y. but if the project is appropriate we can travel further. Please contact us for further information about our territory.

We need accessibility to the area above our tin ceiling, is that possible?

Yes, we can create access panels in a nailed up ceiling or we can install a suspended or snap up tin ceiling that has full accessibility.

Can you repair a tin ceiling?

Yes, most times once the ceiling is painted you cannot detect the repair and if we don’t carry your patterns we locate them for you from other manufacturers.

Can you create a new tin ceiling to match an existing room or replace a badly damaged tin ceiling?

Yes this is our specialty whether it’s our products or another manufacturer’s product, we can provide in most cases exactly the same products.

Can you install the tin ceiling directly to our plaster or sheetrock ceiling?

No, we must have a wood nailing base around the perimeter of each sheet and where the cornice meets the ceiling.

Does the tin ceiling have the same fire protection as sheetrock?

No, it does not. If you need fire protection sheetrock should be installed on top of the tin ceiling.