Commercial drop ceiling installation
Drop ceiling commercial installations

T-Bar ceilings, suspended ceilings or drop ceilings allow for easier access to electrical systems, HVAC, and plumbing systems. T-Bar ceilings have some design features with visible grids and they can have major benefits. If you need to repair a leak or need to address heating, air conditioning, or plumbing concerns, T-Bar ceilings are a great choice.

Abingdon Construction installs T-Bar ceilings or grid ceilings for easier access to lighting, wiring and piping. T-Bar ceilings or grid ceilings allow you to remove independent panels to make repairs, remodels and duct work easier. The T-Bar ceiling panels can be flat and smooth or you can install T-Bar ceilings or suspended ceilings with decorative borders.

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Office & Suspended Ceiling Repair & Installation
Office & Suspended Ceiling Repair & Installation

Office & Suspended Ceiling Repair & Installation

Abingdon Construction T-Bar ceiling installers will measure your ceiling to ensure a perfect fit in residential, commercial or industrial space. Abingdon is the leading T-Bar ceiling installer in the Long Island, Manhattan, Westchester and New Haven area. Expert ceiling installers will place your panels perfectly on the ceiling so you can create a great look while having accessibility to important construction work within your home or commercial business.

If you have water damage in your ceiling, a T-Bar ceiling allows you to replace a single panel or more without doing invasive repair work. You’ll never have to rip down walls or tear down sheetrock. Installing T-Bar ceilings can help you reduce the cost of repair work.

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Schedule a free residential or commercial estimate with the best T-Bar ceiling installers and contractors at Abingdon today. Abingdon Construction Inc. is available for onsite T-Bar ceiling quotes or you can email photos for a virtual design consultation.