Tin Ceiling Company Name Inspired by Abingdon Square Park

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Abingdon Square Park Placard
Mark Gruber, Owner of Abingdon Construction reminiscing at Abingdon Square Park

Tin ceiling company Abingdon Construction Inc. has a long history. It was originally named Abingdon Ceilings in 1915. The company name was selected by late Owner, Joseph Punn. Mr. Punn took walks in Abingdon Square Park after a long day of work. 

Abingdon Square Park is one of the oldest and smallest parks in New York City. The park is in Greenwich Village where the Punn family installed tin ceilings and ceiling panels in historic homes and commercial buildings. “My grandfather used to enjoy seeing the young mothers happily strolling their newborns at Abingdon Square Park every day after work”, says Mark Gruber. Hence, the reason for the ceiling companies name Abingdon. 

Mr. Gruber recalls his grandfather being self-made and self-taught. Joseph Punn learned a roofing trade from his uncle. His uncle was a roofing tinsmith in the late 1800’s. As a young boy, Joseph Punn shadowed his uncle and learned how to install roofing. He saw tin ceiling panels and metal tile installations while on site. Joseph took an interest in the metal ceiling tiles and how they were used to enhance the overall design of a space. Joseph began learning to install tin ceilings tiles and panels on his own. 

Joseph Punn Abingdon Construction
Photo of Joseph Punn 1950

Tin Ceiling Company Tiles & Tools Transported By NYC Subway

Mark Gruber says his grandfather enjoyed finishing commercial and residential spaces with tin metal tiles, decorative cornices, and custom moldings. The ceiling panels were nailed and glued up with precision. Joseph took great pride in his work. He used to take the New York City subway system to work daily. Joseph would be seen with a tool belt around his waist. He needed tools to cut wood furring in half so he would wrap the tin sheets around himself to transport whatever he needed to a job. 

When Joseph Punn passed away, the Gruber family purchased the business and changed the name to AA Abingdon Ceilings Company in 1957. Mark Gruber is the grandson of Joseph Punn. He was a partner from AA Abingdon Ceiling Company from 1973-1995. After 1995, Mr. Gruber started his own company called American Interiors. The construction company installed ceilings and walls throughout the Tri-State area and beyond. 

American Interiors Inc. now Abingdon Construction Inc.

Mark is currently the owner of the tin ceiling company Abingdon Construction Inc. since 2008. He weathered the recession and began to focus on installing tin tile ceilings as Abingdon Construction Inc. 

Tin Tiles Are Still Popular Today

Abingdon Construction Inc. has been a family affair ever since with four generations of ceiling installers. Tin ceiling tiles and materials have been used for centuries in commercial buildings and brownstones throughout New York City. Abingdon Construction still installs tin ceilings in and around Manhattan, New York. Many homeowners and commercial restaurant kitchens contact Abingdon Construction Inc. for decorative tin ceiling tiles.    

Owner, Mark Gruber recalls a time when he was called to a Brooklyn home for a tin ceiling estimate. The homeowner had a drop 2×4 acoustic ceiling installed in 1960. It turns out the ceiling was installed by another family member when the business was called AA Abingdon Company years ago. Thirteen years later, the second homeowner of now that same brownstone, called Abingdon Construction Inc. to remove the drop ceiling and restore the tin ceilings underneath. 

Royal Gold Tin Ceiling Installation in Brooklyn, Heights

Ceiling Installation & Repairs from Nassau County to New Hope

Abingdon Construction Inc. is known as one of the oldest ceiling installers in New York City’s five boroughs. The company also installs all types of ceilings from Nassau County, Long Island to New Hope, Pennsylvania. Ceiling panels and tiles are top quality and acoustical. 

Acoustic ceilings help reduce noise in busy New York City restaurants, banks, churches, museums, office buildings, residential homes and more. Ceiling panels and tiles are acoustical made with the following materials to absorb sound:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood



Real wood last longer than faux wood ceiling tiles. However, faux wood is great option if budget is a concern. Custom ceiling projects are an area of expertise at Abingdon. Discuss the features and benefits of various ceiling materials with a preferred ceiling contractor.

Abingdon Construction Inc. refinishes and repairs old tin ceilings and moldings. Many homeowners find tin metal tiles under drop ceilings and want to revive the classic look. Abingdon Construction receives many calls from tenement building owners with failing plaster ceilings since the infrastructure is old. Abingdon either covers up the old plaster or repairs it with tin ceilings or another type of ceiling. 

Whether it’s residential or commercial ceilings, Abingdon Construction Inc. recognizes the importance of their work. For example, the company recently installed new drop ceilings at Flushing Hospital in the pediatric department. The ceilings serve to absorb noise to maintain doctor-patient confidentially. When it comes to multi-family or apartment living in and around Brooklyn, New York, ceilings with sound absorption make it more livable. 

NYC Dwelling Designs From Tin Ceiling Company Stand Out

The Ridley Tin Ceiling Installation
White Tin Ceiling Installation by Abingdon at The Ridley

Abingdon Construction Inc. recently installed all new tin ceilings at The Ridley. The Ridley is located at located in the Lower East Side. The ceiling installations make these modern spaces stand out in terms of design. The company also installs perforated or corrugated ceilings in parking lots throughout NYC and Brooklyn. Anyone who lives in New York, knows the importance of covered parking throughout the city. 

Mark Gruber Tin Ceiling Contractor
Mark Gruber outside of The Ridley at 66 Allen Street in NYC.

Owner, Mark Gruber is reminded of the hard work done by generations of his family as he travels past Abingdon Square Park regularly. All family members honor the family legacy. Mr Gruber takes his responsibilities to repair and install new ceilings seriously.

Abingdon Construction Inc. is a tin ceiling company and contractor licensed to install drop, suspension, sheetrock, and Celotex ceilings. Contact Abingdon Construction Inc. for more information about residential and commercial ceiling installation.