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Abingdon Construction has a long family history of installing and repairing ceilings. We are the fourth generation of tin ceiling and ceiling installers in my family. We are located in Brooklyn, New York and serve Nassau County, Long Island, NYC, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey, Staten Island, New York, and New Hope, Pennsylvania. The company was created with the goal of becoming leaders in the tin ceiling industry. We have performed literally thousands of installations of tin ceilings. We have worked with many types of ceiling cornices and ceiling tiles. We have decades of tin ceiling installation experience to recognize the finer details required to produce quality work.

We know that our customers want a skilled craftsman preparing an exceptional design for their home or business. We pride ourselves on delivering support after the sale too. Our jobs are all guaranteed to meet the customer’s desired specifications. We absolutely promise customer satisfaction by providing exceptional craftsmanship on every project no matter how big or small. Tin ceiling design takes an experienced hand and an eye for helping the customer pick just the right product for their needs. If a change has to be made were here for you. We are committed to working with homeowners and commercial businesses closely for the best outcome. We pledge to provide the highest quality tin ceiling installations and tin ceiling products for many years to come.

Over 100 years ago, my grandfather started installing tin ceilings for people that had cracked plaster ceilings as a longer lasting option. He also installed them for fire proofing protection in commercial kitchens and warehouses. Through the depression my grandfather used to wear his tools and carry the material by subway to work on projects. Around 1959, my father continued my grandfather’s reputation doing the same type of projects but they became popular in many other situations such as tenement houses. It was an affordable way of obtaining a long lasting ceiling. In 1966, I remember tin ceilings were not that popular but in 1976 (the bicentennial) we got many requests from homeowners and businesses to install all types of tin ceilings. Now tin ceilings are popular in many situations such as the basic rooms in a house, backsplashes, wainscoting, lofts, businesses, museums, restaurants, and more.

Currently, we have many installation options available such as traditional nail up, suspended lay in, snap up pans, wood suspended, steel suspended and we are always open to design something specifically for the customer’s needs. We also repair existing ceilings most times to match exactly what is existing so once it’s painted you can’t tell it’s been repaired. We have an inventory of many products ready for installation. We are prepared to travel within a 150-mile radius of our shop including local installations. We can design a professional installation in almost any situation. We take all of the projects requirements and customer’s needs into consideration.

Whether your project is commercial or residential, thousands of square feet or just one room in your home, we can professionally accommodate any size project. You’ll also receive the same exceptional service regardless of your project requirements. Our employees have a vast experience with working in furnished homes and offices. The Abingdon Construction staff gives proper attention and care to your belongings. With our four generations of experience, we have installed many thousands of tin ceilings and everything we learn, develop, or design becomes another option for our customers. Contact us today to schedule a tin ceiling installation quote. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your project.

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