Tin Ceiling Tiles Transform Your Home

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Tin ceiling tiles are decorative embossed metal panels. Decorative tin ceilings provide a vintage look or modern appearance. Art Deco, Victorian and Gothic styles can be used in tin ceiling design projects.

The ceiling is a large focal point in your home or place of business. Ceilings are usually under-decorated and plain white. As people explore their individual styles, beautifully decorated homes are becoming more obtainable to everyone. Traditional or modern tin ceilings can coordinate with any decorating style.

Statement Ceilings are Trending

Statement ceilings are trending in 2019, according to DécorMag. Ceilings are overlooked when it comes to home interior features. Decorative ceilings are one of the most ornate designs in a home or commercial business. From paint and wallpaper to molding and tile ceilings, a decorated tin ceiling can make your space appear larger and brighter. It’s also easy to work around electrical fixtures and unique lighting designs.

modern tin ceiling designs

Create a Modern Vibe with Tin Ceiling Tiles

Home decor items, furniture, or appliances that may have looked outdated ten years ago, are now considered modern and trendy. The attention is in the detail! Metallic colors are hot on the home décor scene. Try adding in some contrast with color. Combine a natural color with a pop of metallic tin ceiling tile for a modern vibe.

Abingdon Construction recently installed chrome plated tin ceiling tiles in a restaurant. Stainless steel or chrome plated tin tiles can appear modern and create a striking appearance. Transform your space and add interest to a room with a tin ceiling. The overall effect draws the eye up which makes the room appear bigger.

Use Tin Ceiling Tiles for a Traditional Look

Tin Ceilings Are Cost Effective

Tin ceilings have been an affordable way to decorate dating back to the 1880s. Decorative tin ceilings have a classic and timeless look. Tin tiles are also fire retardant and easy to clean. Tin ceilings are a great choice for kitchens. Not only are metal tiles used on ceilings, they also adorn kitchen backsplashes. Make a striking design statement with many different styles, colors, finishes, and tin tile designs.

decorative tin ceiling tile colors

Tin ceilings are similar to retro kitchen appliances. They never seem to go completely out of style. Many times, retro appliances and vintage tin ceilings can be a topic of conversation when family, friends and guests arrive.

Copper colored metal tile backsplashes have been used in American homes for generations, adding warmth and vibrant color to kitchens. Now stainless steel, chrome and brass tones are being used to contrast the colors of countertops and kitchen cabinets.

White tin ceilings form a classic design statement in any home. Abingdon Construction has installed white metal ceiling tiles in many Brooklyn and New York kitchens. The overall effect is a subtle beauty due to the matte white finish embellished with a metallic cornice design.

pre-painted white tin ceiling with copper cornice

Get Started on Transforming Your Home with Tin Ceiling Tiles

Don’t overlook your ceilings! Create a magnificent feature that draws the eye up and complements your home décor. Whether you are looking for something traditional and classic or modern and unique, tin ceiling tiles will transform your home.

Over a Century of Ceiling Installation Experience

Abingdon Construction has been installing tin ceilings in residential homes, hotels, temples, schools, restaurants and other types of commercial businesses since 1915. With over 100 years of experience, the family business has expertly installed traditional and modern tin ceiling tiles across Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, New York City, New Jersey and Staten Island.

Abingdon Construction offers an extensive array of tile pattern designs and different sizes. Choose from brass plates, chrome plates, stainless steel, white, and copper tin ceiling tiles. Call Abingdon Construction at 718-819-9972 for a free estimate. start the journey of elevating your interior décor today.